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To get clients easily, you want your marketing materials to be so good they’ll do 90 percent of the selling for you. Here’s how ...

The Four Things You Need to Get New Clients Easily

by D.R. Fideler

If you’re a creative professional, freelancer, or a consultant, how much “selling” do you really need to do to get clients?

Not very much, if you have one thing in place: powerful marketing materials that will do 90 percent of the selling for you.

In fact, to get high-quality clients, you only need four things.

Four Things You Need to Get High-Quality Clients

(1) A short but solid marketing message. Your marketing message should be so good that it does 90 percent of the selling for you, so you only need to answer a few questions from potential clients.

(2) “Samples” of your work or “credibility indicators”. I would never hire anyone who can’t show me high-quality samples of his or her work, and most others wouldn’t either. What a quality “sample” might be for your kind of work will be different from other kinds of businesses, but it could be images or photos, PDFs, descriptive portfolio sheets, case studies, or testimonials.

(3) Good graphic design. I sell all my services at a distance, none locally. And having a well-designed website and marketing materials lets me establish trust at a distance. It helps, along with my samples, to position myself as a professional who only delivers high-quality work.

(4) A consistent marketing process. Finally, you need a simple, repeatable process to get your marketing message and samples in front of potential clients. My favorite approach is to send a letter of introduction with a full-color flier, and then follow up by email. But there are many other approaches, and I teach four separate marketing blueprints in my course Get Great Clients Anywhere, including how to use email. You can read about all of these in my free marketing roadmap.

These are the only four things you need to get great clients, and over the years I’ve used this approach to generate over $870,000 in sales for my small book design company. But the foundation has always been having a strong marketing message (and marketing materials) to do the selling for me, even when I’m working on something else.


What Strong Marketing Messages Contain

Before someone hires you, a client needs to know “what you do.” But while that’s obvious, it’s actually the least important part of your marketing message. The most important part of your marketing message explains why someone should hire you and not someone else.

When you explain “why someone should hire me,” you are communicating the benefits you provide. And believe me, this is what a potential client is looking for.

Potential benefits include:

  • How you will solve specific problems or pain-points that the client faces

  • The real value that your expertise or service will provide to the client

  • How you will guarantee that working with you is low-risk or worry-free, and why you always deliver quality work

About 90% of all companies (and freelancers) do not communicate these things well in their marketing messages — so if you do, it will give you a meaningful advantage over competitors.

Your marketing message should also be as short as possible, while covering the important points. Because people have limited attention spans, you want your prospects to read the entire thing, and then be inspired to contact you (so always include a call to action at the end).

Once you have all these things in place, you message and marketing materials will do almost all of the selling for you. It just remains for you to consistently get your materials in front of potential clients and to helpfully answer any questions they might have about your services.

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About the Author

D.R. Fideler is an experienced marketing and communications professional who has started over half-a-dozen businesses, mainly in the fields of book publishing, education, graphic design, and communications.

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