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Use this process to get high-quality clients in the fastest, most reliable way possible ...

The Fastest Way to Get High-Paying Clients

by D.R. Fideler

If you sell any kind of service like copywriting, graphic design, or consulting and you don’t have enough paying clients, your business will be in danger of going under if you don’t bring in more work.

Also, if you’re just starting out in business, you really need to get paying clients in the first three or four months.


Because if you can’t get paying clients right away, you’re going to be discouraged and feel like giving up.

Why You Should Avoid Blogging and Content Marketing

In today’s Internet-obsessed world, many people assume that blogging and content marketing are fast ways to get clients. But if someone really believes this and needs to get work quickly, he or she is probably in store for a big surprise.

I’m not going to say that blogging and content marketing can’t work. They can. But they tend to be very long-term strategies.

One problem is that there are 2 million blog articles published every single day. That’s a lot of content to compete against (let alone digest, if you try and read it all!).

Content marketing also takes a very long time to work:

For example, a recent study showed that 90% of the blog posts in the #1 or #2 search positions on Google took at least two to three years to reach those positions.

At that rate, you will be out of business before anyone even knows that you exist.

The Fastest Way to Get High-Quality Clients

The alternative approach, which I call direct outreach marketing, can help you get clients very fast, if you have a professional-looking website and samples of your work.

When I started my small book design and production company for publishers, I used direct outreach marketing to get clients right away, starting totally from zero. I got my first two clients within two months, and during the first year I did $46,656 in sales, as a solo entrepreneur. And a few years later I had my best year, with $129,400 in sales.

I mention these figures just to illustrate that direct outreach marketing works; it will work for much larger businesses too. And I got these these clients without making a single cold telephone call.



Direct Outreach: A Three-Step Process

There are many different ways you can approach direct outreach marketing. But it consists of three simple steps or phases:

Step 1: Compile or buy a mailing or contact list of people at several hundred companies that you could work for and who could pay you a professional rate. (This is quite easy, if you know how.)

Step 2: Reach out to these contacts either by direct mail or by email, in a very professional way, highlighting the samples of your work and asking a question or two.

Step 3: Provide those who express interest with further information, and some will become clients.

Of course, like any other marketing approach, there are a lot of important details you need to get right. But if you do a solid job and reach enough people, it will work.

And best of all, it’s painless, efficient, and repeatable.

In any case, here’s the thought I’d like to leave you with:

If you need to get clients quickly, don’t build a website and just hope that your ideal clients will magically show up. (If I had done that, I would have gone bankrupt, because my clients were too busy doing actual work to be searching for my great services on the web.)

Take another approach instead: Identify the kinds of great clients you’d really like to work for, reach out to them, and keep on reaching out until you get work — and until you have a reliable source of income.


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About the author

D.R. Fideler is an experienced marketing and communications professional who has started over half-a-dozen businesses, mainly in the fields of book publishing, education, graphic design, communications, and copywriting.

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