Learn the fastest way to get great clients, no matter where you live in the United States — or where you live in the world


Every business needs a proven and reliable process to get new clients.

We teach motivated freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs how to get great, high-quality clients, in 90 days or less, using step-by-step blueprints — so you can get booked solid without wasting your time.

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“The How to Get Great Clients Anywhere Masterclass” was founded and created by D.R. Fideler.

David is an experienced marketing and communications professional who has started over half-a-dozen businesses, mainly in the fields of book publishing, education, graphic design, and marketing communications.

He is on the advisory board of of the marketing program at Ferris State University in Michigan and has spoken at colleges and universities across the United States.

David started Get Great Clients Anywhere to teach freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs how to get booked solid with high-quality clients within 90 days, using step-by-step blueprints, without wasting their time.

Originally from the United States, he lives with his wife and son in Sarajevo, in southern Europe.

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